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Main features
- Up to PLe in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1
- Up to SIL 3 in accordance with EN 62061
- Compliance with EN 81 Lift Directive
- Approvals: TÜV, cULus
- Multiple NO or NC Safety Outputs

Carlo Gavazzi's range of safety modules is used in many different types of industrial machinery and sector such as Plastics, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Lifts and Escalators, Automotive and Mining, wherever the machinery could pose a risk for people. Multiple inputs are available: e-stop, light curtains, e-gate, laser scanner, limit switch, interlock, magnetic sensor, mat, single beam sensor, two hands, Speed Control.

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SISTEMA Libraries

The following should be considered:
The EC machinery directive stipulates that machinery should not pose a danger (risk assessment in accordance with EN ISO 12100). The aim is to achieve an acceptable residual risk. If safety is dependent on control systems, these must be designed so that the probability of functional faults is sufficiently low. To meet this requirement, it makes sense to use harmonized standards like EN ISO 13849-1 to reach the best Performance Level (PLr): “Safety-related parts of control systems – Part 1: General principles for design”.
This standard may be applied to SRP/CS (safety-related parts of control systems) and all types of machinery, regardless of the type of technology and energy used (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, etc.).
EN ISO 13849-1 also lists special requirements for SRP/CS with programmable electronic systems.

SISTEMA Assistant Software
Safety Integrity Software Tool for the Evaluation of Machine Applications.
SISTEMA is a software tool to calculate PL. It is provided by IFA as free software and considered to be the most widely recognized.
Please refer to the following link to download SISTEMA software and its instruction manual.

Gavazzi Safety Products Libraries
Carlo Gavazzi provides SISTEMA Libraries for its safety products in order to assist customers' PL calculations.
These libraries can be used starting from version 1.1.5.

Certus multifunctionApril 20182.0Download
Safety modulesSeptember 20162.0Download
Programmable safety modulesSeptember 20162.0Download
Safety light curtainsSeptember 20162.0Download
Safety modulesApril 20161.1.9Download
Programmable safety modulesApril 20161.1.9Download
Safety light curtainsApril 20161.1.9Download


Certus Configurable Safety Module