Carlo Gavazzi Automation

Application notes


Full pump protection resulting in lower maintenance costs

Improved process efficiency and minimized equipment downtime

Ready for IE3 motors

Control of IR heaters in PET blow moulding machinery

Immediate selection of the best item for the requested function

Simple, smooth and intuitive search

Enhanced inventory view

Food production - slaughterhouse for pigs

Speed and lenght monitoring

Pattern recognition

Object and gap monitoring

Counting of the items in each box on the conveyor

Remote configuration

Easy and safe relay settings

Enhanced productivity

Configuration for multiple devices

Control of NIR heaters for drying printing inks

Compressor real-time monitoring to improve HVAC systems efficiency and to facilitate troubleshooting

BMS integration for fire damper monitoring

BMS integration for hotel management of lighting and temperature control systems

Saving time and energy costs in buildings with lighting control

Saving time and energy costs for indoor car parks

Energy Audit

Energy Management System Integration

Preventing the spread of Radon into the house

Saving in space and costs

Maintaining the correct air exchange in battery rooms

Reducing water circulation pumps' downtime to preserve the building comfort

Ensuring the air comfort in buildings

Long range wireless network for remote aggregation of energy efficiency data

Large scale Smart Cities deployment of energy efficiency monitoring systems