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Simple, intuitive and easy-to-install remote reading energy analyzers (Modbus or M-bus).

Lainate, November 2021 - Carlo Gavazzi Automation, the international electronics group with activities in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic equipment, today presents its new series of energy analyzers.

Maintained in the most compact DIN-rail housing for 3-phase meters, the EM530 and the EM540 can display up to 3 energy meters in a single page and a 11-digit MID energy meter with 1 Wh resolution. Furthermore the EM530 non-MID version has an accuracy class of 0.5S suitable for all green-mark applications.

These energy analyzers are able to reduce the commissioning time by intuitive wizard menu to the installers, thanks to their detection of any installation errors and suggestions on how to correct them.

Due to the 100 ms serial data refresh time, the EM530 and the EM540 are suitable for load balancing energy storage (even in presence of no-feed regulations) or EV charging applications.

“With this launch Carlo Gavazzi further expands its range of energy analyzers to meet the new emerging needs coming from the most innovative energy efficiency applications,” Andrea Bernardi International Product Manager says. “It is our intention to provide simple, intuitive, easy-to-install, remote reading energy analyzers (by Modbus or M-Bus), or just simple indicators with pulse retransmission, so as to save time in programming the parameters and in commissioning the monitoring system.”

Developed in our competence centre in Italy, these energy analyzers have been designed to improve the features of the existing product range, providing a complete portfolio of solutions all suitable to be integrated in our energy management monitoring solutions. These meters are targeted at the following Building and Industrial automation’s applications: MID fiscal cost sharing, energy analysis for energy efficiency, power metering for PV energy storage, indoor or temperature controlled EV charging.

Main technical features
• EM530: Class 0.5S (kWh) according to EN62053-22, class 2 (kvarh) according to EN62053-23
• Current inputs: via 5 A current transformers (max primary current 10 000 A)
• EM540: Class 1 (kWh) according to EN62053-21, class 2 (kvarh) according to EN62053-23
• Current inputs: direct connection up to 65 A
• Instantaneous variables readout: 3x7 (5+2) DGT, energy readout: 11 (8+3) DGT
• Voltage inputs: up to 415 V L-L with self power supply
• Current and voltage THD (up to 15th harmonic)
• Energy measurements (imported/exported): total kWh, kvarh, kVAh; partial kWh, kvarh, kVAh. Total kWh by phase
• Run hour meters (relevant to both imported and exported energy: 8+2 DGT). Total operating time.
• Digital output (O1 version), or RS485 Modbus (S1 version) or M-Bus (M1 version)
• Programmable display and slide show function
• cULus approval; MID certification (PF version)

Carlo Gavazzi Automation is an international electronics group with activities in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of industrial and building automation. Carlo Gavazzi Automation provides customers with technologically innovative, high quality and competitive solutions, in compliance with their requirements and expectations through its 22 National Sales Companies in Europe, the Americas and Asia & Pacific, operating with its production sites in Denmark, Italy, Malta, Lithuania and China.

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