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Capacitive sensors

Carlo Gavazzi's patented 4th Generation Tripleshield ™ capacitive sensors are designed to meet all EMC challenges seen in industrial applications from electrostatic discharges up to 40 KV, line transients up to 4 KV, airborne noise (e.g. cellular phones) up to 15 V/m and wire conducted noise from frequency drives up to 20V/m. Some models have built-in humidity compensation. Capacitive sensors will detect most materials, conductive and non-conductive, which makes them ideal for level detection in raw plastic delivery systems and in agricultural applications.

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ACD34-MB01 Mounting bracket for CD34 sensor, 26x7.6x74mm
Data Sheets, EN PDF-Data Type of accessory:  Mounting bracket
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ItemCode Description
ACD34-MB01 Mounting bracket for CD34 sensor, 26x7.6x74mm



IO-Link devices Overview
IO-Link capacitive proximity sensors
IO-Link capacitive proximity sensors
CD34 Series
VC11/12 Series
CA18 / CA30 CA Series




    Capacitive sensors
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