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Carlo Gavazzi's Dupline® bus reduces installation costs and increases flexibility in agricultural irrigation systems, where the valves are usually distributed over a large area. Any type of irrigation controller, whether it is a PLC, PC or dedicated controller, can use Dupline® as a remote I/O system. The module is available in a housing that allows underground installation, and in a DIN-rail mount housing. The wiring topology is completely free with no limitation to number or length of branches. One Hi-Line network can handle up to 64 valves over distances of up to 7km, and several networks can be linked together.

Product Selector

Mounting method
Number of push buttons
With display Yes  No
With room temperature controller Yes  No
GHTU8 Dupline High-line test unit
Short description:  Dupline High-line test unit
Long Description:  Test unit for monitoring and control of Dupline channels for High-line modules
Type of accessory:  Test unit


ItemCode Description
GHTU8 Dupline High-line test unit



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