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Soft starters

Carlo Gavazzi offers a range of single, two and three phase controlled soft starting solutions for AC induction motors. Our soft starters have self-learning algorithms and built-in diagnostic functions that make the products very easy to use. Through the built-in microprocessor technology we can easily customise product functionality to suit specific customer needs. Specific solutions for scroll compressors, fans and pumps as well as solutions targeted at a more general market are available.

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Soft Starters Overview
HDMS Single phase dynamic motor starter
Scroll Compressor soft starter series
RSWT centrifugal pump soft starter




    Soft starters
  • RSGT series - Self-learning soft starters for induction motors BkFZAnU9ylQ
  • RSBT series - Self-learning scroll compressor soft starters g3QxkF1SirM
  • RSBS 3rd generation - 1-phase compressor soft starter a2doEQDd90U
  • HDMS - Single phase dynamic motor starter O890_fDLZlY
  • RSWT series - Soft starters SlrPY3t9xwU
  • RGTS - Single phase soft starters bG88cvrJxgc
  • RSGD series - General purpose soft starter pzSrzjq1xWQ