Carlo Gavazzi Automation

Application notes


Sealing of contact lens packaging

PET blow-moulding of plastic bottles

Ultra-compact power supply design for EV charging stations

Reliable, small foot-print and efficient power supply series

Reducing refrigerant leaks by minimising compressor vibrations

Reducing the compressor starting current in heat pumps

Real-time people counting with online reporting, aimed at monitoring access.

Tube quality checks

PI-DIN0126 multi-standard interface protection with UCS software

Switching of heaters in mobile industrial dehumidifiers

Switching of DC valves on railways

High level of air quality in battery rooms

Monitoring of water circulation pumps to preserve environmental comfort

Guaranteed air comfort

Two-hand control

Lift levelling

Safety sliding gates with safety magnetic switches

Safety gates with electromechanical interlocks

Safety gates with interlocks

Emergency stop

Eliminating starting current in borehole pumps

Reducing failures in heat pumps

Obstacle detection for automated guided vehicles (AGV)

Detection of black rubber

Material detection on conveyors