Carlo Gavazzi Automation



Our range of products designed for Machinery Manufacturers, Feeding Devices Manufacturers, Green Houses.

Building Automation

Carlo Gavazzi's wide selection of products and cost effective solutions intended for the building automation systems, which consists of the networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the energy consumption in commercial buildings, infrastructures and production facilities.

Conventional Energy

Carlo Gavazzi provides a comprehensive range of products aimed to reduce energy consumption and contribute to a higher efficiency.

Food and Beverage

With over 40 years of expertise in manufacturing components for food and beverage equipment, Carlo Gavazzi provides a wide range of advanced and reliable products for commercial cooking and warming equipment, ice making technology and cleaning processes.

HVAC Systems

Carlo Gavazzi provides a comprehensive range of products so as to maximize operating efficiency in both new and retrofit environments.

Packaging Machinery

Carlo Gavazzi's wide range of products and cost effective solutions for applications such as filling, inspection, wrapping and sealing, labelling, with the addition of a section dedicated to our expertise in safety devices and energy efficiency.

Plastics Machinery

Carlo Gavazzi's solutions for Plastics machinery in order to maximize plant up-time and ensuring greater control over the production processes.